Instruction for oral presentation
1. Please pre-record VDO presentation with your face showed on the corner of the screen.
2. Duration of the presentation is 12 minutes, and save the record in mp4 or wmv format. Please prepare to be online for Q&A (3 minutes) after your presentation.
3. Submit VDO file to by 28 July 2021, Please save your file in the name of ‘Code of presenter and FIRST NAME’ e.g PT-P-001 VIJITRA. Email mostly automatically diverts the large file to Google Drive link.

4. However, if the upload cannot go through email, please use your Gmail account upload via this form Noted that the uploaded file should not exceed 1GB.

Instruction for poster presentation
Please send a poster presentation in pdf file. Please save your file in the name of ‘Code of presenter and FIRST NAME’ e.g. PT-O-001 VIJITRA. Send the file with the e-mail title ‘Poster presentation code PBT003 VIJITRA’ to before 28 July 2021. Our team will upload the poster on the virtual conference website. Posters will be produced in pdf format. We recommend to design the poster in 80 cm. (width) × 120 cm. (height) format with resolution around 75 pixels/inch. The poster must contain the title and authors’ name and address, objectives, materials and methods, summary, results and conclusion in the form of figures, graphs, tables, etc.

Poster display
At the virtual conference, the poster will be displayed virtually and continually for 3-5 min per poster during poster session and session breaks.

General information for submission
Please use this template for preparing an abstract. According to journal you select.

Please label your filename beginning with your full first name followed by – (hyphen) then paper type – and ending with publication choice, as follows.
First name-paper type-your publication choice, as examples below.

Your name-abstract-only
Your name-full paper-Icofab proceeding
Your name-full paper-APST
Your name-full paper-INTI
Your name-full paper-STEJ
If you intend to submit more than one paper, please add the number at the end of the filename such as:
Your name-full paper-STEJ-1
Your name-full paper-STEJ-2

Abstract Template :Download

The oral presenters and poster presenters must submit abstract using a template above by 21 July 2021.

Please see the previous publication here at: Abstract Collection and Proceedings

Full paper to be published in Proceedings (20 pages maximum) must be submitted by 21 July 2021.

Full paper template : Download

Template for STEJ submission Download

Template for APST submission Download

Template for INTI submission Download