Conference : The 6th International Conference on Food Agriculture & Biotechnology (ICoFAB 2019)

Date : 26 & 27 August 2019

Venue : Conference Room, Santarat Takasila convention Hotel

Organized by : Faculty of Technology, Mahasarakham University and


The Faculty of Technology, Mahasarakham University (MSU) has annually held the academic conference since 2014. The conference was launched in order to incorporate knowledge of science and technology for sustainable development community. Our conference in the past years (2014 – 2018) had gone successfully. We are honored by distinguished scientific committees and audiences from over the world. Each year, participants with different expertise in the fields of Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology had joined the conference and shared their research information and experiences. Thus, the potential academic networks or collaboration was spread throughout the conference.

In the coming 6th ICoFAB, we will continue providing an atmosphere of collaborative networks amongst national and international researchers. All participants may find benefits from update research trends presented at the conference.