Welcome to the International Conference on Biodiversity, Science, and Technology

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The international conference on Biodiversity, Science, and Technology is organized under the collaborative efforts of Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Science, and Walairukhavej Botanical Research Institute in Mahasarakham University. This conference marks a significant convergence of minds dedicated to advancing our understanding and harnessing the potential of biodiversity, science, and technology to address the pressing challenges of our time.

Aim and Purpose: In an era defined by environmental uncertainties and rapid technological advancements, the aim of this conference is to foster a dynamic exchange of ideas and knowledge. By bringing together esteemed scientists, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers from around the world, we strive to create a platform that sparks meaningful discussions, facilitates interdisciplinary collaborations, and drives innovative solutions. Our collective goal is to deepen our insights into the intricate relationships between biodiversity, science, and technology, and to chart a sustainable and prosperous path forward for our planet.

Conference Theme:Bio-Circular Green Model

The conference theme, "Bio-Circular Green Model," underscores our commitment to exploring and promoting a holistic approach to sustainability. This theme encapsulates the principles of harnessing biodiversity and technological advancements in a circular framework, harmonizing with nature while addressing the needs of modern society. We recognize that a bio-circular green model holds the potential to revolutionize industries, guide policy decisions, and instill a sense of responsibility towards our environment.

Scopes of presentation:

1.Biodiversity and local wisdom


3.Biology, Microbiology

4.Agriculture, Animal Science, Fisheries

5.Food Science


7.Material Science

8.Applied Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics

We cordially invite you to contribute your expertise, research findings, and perspectives to this vital conversation. Your participation will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of our shared future. Join us at the International Conference on Biodiversity, Science, and Technology 2024 as we collectively envision and pave the way for a more sustainable and harmonious world.

International Conference

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